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  1. Switchblade Comb Novelty OC1

    Switchblade Comb Novelty

    Switchblade Comb Novelty. 5" closed length. Resembles a stiletto pocket knife. Brown Composition handles with Chrome Bolsters. Slide Down Small Button to Unlock, then push button for quick release of comb. Made in China. Learn More

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  2. Legendary Viking Sunstone Crystal VKST

    Legendary Viking Sunstone Crystal

    Legendary Viking Sunstone Crystal w/ Drawstring Pouch. As legend tells us, over 1000 years ago, the Viking Sunstone, also known as Iceland Spar, or Iceland Crystal, was used by the Vikings to help navigate long distances, even on cloudy days and just after the sun had set. Iceland Spar exhibits the optical property of double refraction. Anything viewed through the crystal appears double. The location of the sun can be determined by adjusting the crystal in orientation to the sun until the two images are of equal brightness. The Iceland Spar is then directly facing the sun. This allowed Vikings to successfully sail thousands of miles. Such a navigational aid is one of the secrets behind the Vikings' reputation as remarkable seafarers.

    Includes one piece of Genuine Iceland Spar, Black Velvet drawstring pouch and "The Legend of the Viking Sunstone" leaflet. (Iceland Spar is a natural crystal and will vary in size and shape.) Learn More

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  3. Sliver Gripper Ti Precision Tweezers SGR601TI

    Sliver Gripper Ti Precision Tweezers

    Sliver Gripper Ti Precision Tweezers. 1 3/4" overall length. Spring-tempered Grade 1 Titanium construction keeps perfect alignment. Precision ground points provide pin-point gripping. Packaged with a Titanium clip holder for easy and convenient accessibility. Countless uses for garden, home, shop, auto, first aid, tool and hobbies. Ideal for small parts, boats, fishing and sewing. Easily removes the tiniest of splinters, thread, hair, stingers, stitches, etc. Perfect for your desk, school, office, labs, cosmetics, medical, pocket or purse. Made in the USA. Learn More

    Available (Ships in 2 to 3 Days)

  4. Snare-Vival-Trap Pocket Snare SVT01

    Snare-Vival-Trap Pocket Snare

    Snare-Vival-Trap Pocket Snare. A pocket sized survival snare system that is used to capture wild game or fish. When in the stowed configuration the Snare-Vival-Trap is only 1.56" in diameter and .135" thick! It can easily be carried in one's pocket and quickly deployed in the field! Just press in the center and you are ready for action! The Snare-Vival-Trap has a manually windable wire snare, an escape proof sliding-locking noose that is engaged automatically during operation tightening around the animal's neck or limbs killing or disabling the animal instantly. It also has a mounting loop and mounting ring that are used to position and mount the snare over a known animal path in the field. Designed to function in any environment that will support life and is made from corrosion resistant materials. The Snare-Vival-Trap is great for all of your outdoors adventures and can also be used for self defense to disarm an assailant. Comes with complete instructions showing how to set up snares in the field. Wire length: 26". Weighs: 1.12 oz. Made in USA. Learn More

    Available (Ships in 2 to 3 Days)

  5. Miracle Cloth  All Purpose Polishing Cloth M210

    Miracle Cloth All Purpose Polishing Cloth

    Miracle Cloth All Purpose Polishing Cloth. A revolutionary polishing cloth that replaces a full shelf of liquid, paste and powder cleaners. Ideal for home, shop or office. Over 1001 uses. Made in the USA. Learn More

    Available (Ships in 2 to 3 Days)

  6. Tomway The Ultimate Chamois TWC

    Tomway The Ultimate Chamois

    Tomway The Ultimate Chamois. Approximate size is one square foot. Hand selected optical quality chamois is prepared to be used dry. Both sides Finished to maximum softness and lint free. Made in the USA. Learn More

    Available (Ships in 2 to 3 Days)

  7. The Tick Key TK81002

    The Tick Key

    The Tick Key. Tick removal device. 2 1/2" overall length. Heavy Anodized Aluminum Construction. Easy to use. Packaged on cardboard card with directions and hanging tab. Color will vary. Made in the USA. Learn More

    Available (Ships in 2 to 3 Days)

  8. Tactical Bodyguard Folder Knife KTP001

    Tactical Bodyguard Folder Knife

    Tactical Bodyguard Folder Knife. 6 3/4" closed length. 3 1/4" Black Finish Tanto blade with thumb stud. Black Finish Stainless Steel gun shaped frame with finger hole. Textured Black G-10 Onlay handles. Black Finish Stainless Steel pocket clip. May be held in various positions as shown on enclosed length information sheet. Designed by Jeff Thenier. Made in France. Learn More

    Available (Ships in 2 to 3 Days)

8 Item(s)

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