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Knife Sharpeners

Knife Sharpeners

     We offer a variety of Knife Sharpeners and Knife Sharpening Systems. We carry both traditional Grinding Stones, as well as Advanced Technology Sharpening and Honing Systems. DMT Diamond Sharpeners are the industry standard. We have received positive feedback from customers who have purchased the Lansky Sharpening Systems. Arkansas Whetstones are made from Genuine Arkansas Oil Stones- the finest quality natural sharpening stones available.


Knife Sharpeners:
Accusharp Sharpeners
   Arkansas Whetstones   Chef's Choice

DMT Sharpeners   Edgemaker Sharpeners   EZE Lap
Lansky Sharpeners
   Normark Sharpeners   Norton Sharpeners
Smith's Sharpeners   BYX Co Stones   Leather Strops
Other Knife Sharpeners

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  1. Carbee Take-Anywhere Knife Sharpener CAR80

    Carbee Take-Anywhere Knife Sharpener

    Carbee Take-Anywhere Knife Sharpener. 3 1/4" overall length. Features multi-profile Carbide head which is permanently affixed to a gray injection molded plastic body. Red Securi-Flip cap. Convenient and portable. No oil or water needed. Ideal for sharpening all types of knives, pruning shears, scissors, gardening tools, axes, fish hooks, etc. Includes instruction card. Made in France. Learn More

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