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Knife Sharpeners

Knife Sharpeners

     We offer a variety of Knife Sharpeners and Knife Sharpening Systems. We carry both traditional Grinding Stones, as well as Advanced Technology Sharpening and Honing Systems. DMT Diamond Sharpeners are the industry standard. We have received positive feedback from customers who have purchased the Lansky Sharpening Systems. Arkansas Whetstones are made from Genuine Arkansas Oil Stones- the finest quality natural sharpening stones available.


Knife Sharpeners:
Accusharp Sharpeners
   Arkansas Whetstones   Chef's Choice

DMT Sharpeners   Edgemaker Sharpeners   EZE Lap
Lansky Sharpeners
   Normark Sharpeners   Norton Sharpeners
Smith's Sharpeners   BYX Co Stones   Leather Strops
Other Knife Sharpeners

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  1. Tru Hone Commercial Electric Sharpener THLC

    Tru Hone Commercial Electric Sharpener

    Tru Hone Commercial Electric Sharpener. Three sharpening steps. Step 1-Grinds the bevel-consistently develops an equal bevel on both sides of the blade. Step 2-Sets the edge-perfects and strengthens the cutting edge created by the bevels. Step 3-Honing-Finishes the edge to a final razor sharpness and eliminates any remaining imperfections in the cutting edge. Takes less than one minute to put a perfect edge on a blade versus an average of 12 minutes using traditional sharpeners. The Tru Hone Sharpening System can also add up to 50% to the life of a knife because it removes as little metal as necessary to produce a sharp edge Stainless Steel case is easy to clean. Made in USA. Learn More

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  2. Vulkanus Simply Sharp Basic Knife Sharpener VUL01

    Vulkanus Simply Sharp Basic Knife Sharpener

    Vulkanus Simply Sharp Basic Knife Sharpener. Can be used for standard or serrated edge blades. Black composition casing. Measures approximately 2 3/4" x 2 1/2" x 3/4". Sharpen and whet with one device. Fits easily in shirt or pants pocket. Safe and easy to use. Leaves no scratches on the blade surface. Adjusts to the cutting angle. Sharpens without heat. Dishwasher safe. Made in China. Learn More

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2 Item(s)

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