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Knife Making Supplies

Knife Making Supply

We have a variety of Knife Making Supplies. From blade materials to handle materials to accessories. Our Knife Supply pages are always growing so check back often.

Knife Making Kits: 
Knife Making Kits
   Wooden Knife Kits   Plastic Knife Kits

Knife Blades:
Knife Blades   Damascus Steel Knife Blades   
New Old Stock (NOS) Knife Blades

Knife Handle Materials:
Wood Scales/Blocks   Bone Scales   Buffalo Horn Scales
Genuine Stag Scales
   G-10 Scales   Other Knife Handle Scales
New Old Stock (NOS) Knife Handles
Inlay Shields

Knife Making Hardware:
Handle Pins/Screws   Spacers/Washers   Guards/Pommels
Pocket Clips   Other Knife Making Hardware

Knife Sheaths:
Knife Sheaths   Sheath Making Kits

Paracord Supplies:
Paracord   Paracord Lanyards   Paracord Beads   Paracord Bracelets
Nano Cord   Micro Cord   Paracord Accessories

Knife Making Accessories:
Leather Strops and Accessories
Knife Making Books/DVDs   Knife Making Accessories



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  1. ITW GT Tactical Toggle ITW0200B

    ITW GT Tactical Toggle

    ITW GT Tactical Toggle. Black polymer construction. 1 1/2" overall length. Useful to enhance the pull capability of cordage. 2 holes in the center allow 550 size cord to be wrapped or tied as desired. Can be grabbed in numerous ways. Size is a good balance of grip-ability while not being a large snag hazard. 100 pieces packaged in plastic baggie. Made in the USA. Learn More

    Available (Ships in 2 to 3 Days)

  2. Sentry Solutions Armorer’s Kit SY1100

    Sentry Solutions Armorer’s Kit

    Sentry Solutions Armorer’s Kit. Contains Smooth-Kote 1/2 oz. bottle with precision applicator tip and 2 oz. screw-top jar, 3 grams of BP-2000 Powder, 12 cc Hi-Slip Grease, and one Tuf-Cloth. Includes instructions, application brush, patches, cotton-tipped applicators, pipe cleaners, alcohol pads and glove. These Sentry Solutions products can NOT be shipped Air or International. Made in USA. Learn More

    Available (Ships in 2 to 3 Days)

  3. UJ Ramelson Suede Leather Apron UJ04

    UJ Ramelson Suede Leather Apron

    UJ Ramelson Leather Apron. Brown Suede Genuine Leather construction. Pocket sizes: Large pocket 6.13"x 8"; Medium Pocket 4.38"x 4"; Small Pocket 4.38"x 1.13". Made in USA. Learn More

    Available (Ships in 2 to 3 Days)

  4. Arrowhead 25pc Assortment Large AAH04

    Arrowhead 25pc Assortment Large

    Arrowhead 25pc Assortment Large. Contains 25 pieces. Arrowheads measure approximately 3.5" overall. Assorted shapes and colors. These collector's arrowheads are handmade in India from agate and jasper agate. Agate is a microcrystalline variety of quartz, characterized by the fineness of grain and brightness of color. Although agates may be found in various kinds of rock, they are usually associated with volcanic rocks and are common in certain metamorphic rocks. Please NOTE: All SIZES listed are approximate and WILL VARY from lot to lot. Colors may vary from picture and will also vary in each assortment. The items in the pictures are only an example of what is included in the assortments. Made in India. Learn More

    Available (Ships in 2 to 3 Days)

4 Item(s)

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