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How to Sharpen A Convex Blade

Keeping a convex ground blade razor sharp can be achieved best through good edge maintenance. The following edge maintenance should be done every few times that the knife is used. The method is similar to a barber stropping a razor. Simply lay the knife flat on a piece of cardboard or leather. Then lift the back of the blade up until just the edge of the blade is touching. Then press firmly, with downward pressure, and stroke backward- the whole length of the blade. Do this several times on each side of the blade. This will keep the convex edge nice and sharp.

Convex Blade

If the convex ground blade has been damaged, the same method can be used, only using 320, then 600, then 1200 grit sandpaper, consecutively. It works best if the sandpaper is placed on a mouse pad, or other soft surface. When the damage has been ground off of the convex blade, repeat the procedure using cardboard or leather.

Sharpen Convex Blade

These simple directions will help to keep your convex edge sharp and beautiful.

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