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Brusletto Knives

Brusletto Knives

Brusletto Knives

'Made in Norway'

     "All of our knives are made of stainless, hardened, carbon steel throughout. The same quality of steel is used for all models regardless of whether they have a gloss or matt finish. The difference between the two is achieved by polishing. The shape of the knife depends on what it will be used for. Sporting knives often have short, strong blades, while hunting and fishing knives are longer and have a special shape and finish. For hunting and fishing, a hollow-ground knife is usually best, while for whittling sticks and branches, a convex-ground knife is recommended. You can keep the blade sharp by using a damp hone and whetting the edge on each side alternately from the handle down to the tip. Whetting the knife before it gets completely blunt will make it easier to keep in perfect condition. Our founder, Rognald Brusletto was born in Geilo in 1861. He was a farmer, knifemaker and industrial pioneer. He established his knife-making business in 1896 and, over many years of patient craftsmanship, the Brusletto name has evolved into a hallmark of Norwegian quality. Knives have long been used in Norway both as tools and as ornaments. The history of iron-ore mining on the Hardangarvidda mountain plateau goes back 1500 years, to when the manufacturing of swords, sickles, knives, scythes and axes first developed as a craft. Brusletto is part of that distinguished history. Tradition, quality and design have been our hallmarks for a century. Nowadays we manufacture knives designed for a wide range of hunting, fishing and recreational purposes. The quality of the steel, the sharpness and shape of the blade, and the craftsmanship of the sheath are the inherent characteristics that together make up a genuine Brusletto knife." -Brusletto Knives

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