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American Tomahawk

American Tomahawk

American Tomahawk

'Proudly made in the U.S.A.'

     "Unless you're in a combat zone with U.S. Soldiers or about to breach an entry with Federal Law Enforcement, you normally don't see them. Most of the time, they're modestly stowed in kit bags or rucksacks until needed. When unsheathed however, they are decisive…powerful…and unforgettable. American Tomahawk's tactical axes are accessible from more LBVs, military vehicles, police car trunks, and breach sets than any other manufacturer's axe, period.
     This hard earned reputation came from producing indestructible tools of almost mysterious light weight. Peter LaGana founded the American Tomahawk Company in 1966 with the original Vietnam Tomahawk design. Sporting a wood handle and a uniquely designed axe head, nearly 4000 Vietnam Tomahawks served Soldiers and Marines in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Today, American Tomahawk pays homage to its history by combining proven designs with modern materials. The resulting performance gains make our products indispensable to those who go into harm's way.
     The versatility of our Tomahawks is limited only by the user's imagination. They're light and fast. We make them so you can't break them. Do your job and do it well. American Tomahawk won't fail you. Expect nothing less." -American Tomahawk Company

Made in USA

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  1. American Tomahawk Lagana Tactical Tomahawk ATVTAC

    American Tomahawk Lagana Tactical Tomahawk

    American Tomahawk Lagana Tactical Tomahawk. 14" overall length. 1060 Forged Steel axe head with 2 5/8" cutting edge (RC 52-54). Black Fiberglass Reinforced ST (Super-Tough)Nylon handle with finger grooves at the base. Comes with Black Heavy Nylon sheath provides versatile LBE carry, including weapon sling adaptability. Weighs 1 lb. Made in the U.S.A. Learn More

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  2. American Tomahawk Comanche Tomahawk ATCOMA

    American Tomahawk Comanche Tomahawk

    American Tomahawk Comanche Tomahawk. 16 1/8" overall length. Black Teflon Coated N690Co Stainless Steel Full Tang construction. Axe head has 3 5/8" cutting edge on one side and 2 1/2" double edge dagger blade on the other side. Textured Gray G-10 handles. Comes with a Molded Black belt sheath. Made in the USA. Learn More

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  3. Fehrman Knives Tactical Nessmuk Double Bit Tomahawk FKDBLB

    Fehrman Knives Tactical Nessmuk Double Bit Tomahawk

    Fehrman Knives Tactical Nessmuk Double Bit Tomahawk. 12 1/2" overall length. Billet Machined 0-1 Steel Head with two 2 7/8" cutting edges. One edge is designed for chopping and the other for whittling. Black Finish Super Tough Nylon handle. Comes with Molded Black Kydex belt sheath. Made in the USA. Learn More

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3 Item(s)

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